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PLA Pro Series 1.75 mm

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Unlock the full potential of your 3D printing with the PLA Pro Series. Our PLA Pro filament is stronger than PLA+, giving you precise, detailed prints with faster speeds and excellent layer bonding. Plus, enjoy a range of new, exciting colors! Try PLA Pro today and see why it's the must-have 3D printing filament!


Net Weight: 1 kg

Nozzle Printing Temperature: 200°C -220°C

Heated bed Temperature: 50°C-65°C

Print Speed: 30-100mm/s

Density : 1.25 g/cm3

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Martin Serre
Very good

I really like their PLA pro and other filaments like ABS. My BL X1C handles them very well. The AMS accepts them fairly well. I have no complaints aside from lack of more choices like ASA and nylon or PC. Will try their PETG next time

Another great order

I really like this filament. Prints of great at 210. Never an issue with first layer. Sometimes a little stringing but nothing that a good driving doesn't solve. I've used many different brands and I keep coming back to waterbird and not just for the price. Colors are solid and consistent. Over never had a clog or jam and the spools have always been neatly wound. This isn't going to be my last order for sure.

Rolf Zwikirsch
Great buy

I searched and Waterbird is cheaper than buying used, delivered to my door. Great prints without problems.

Rod Bruce
Awesome service and onr excellent products

Received an email letting me know that one of my filament spools was damaged prior to shipping. They gave me the option to remove it from my order or to add a different one as the broken one was the last in that color. I replaced it and received my order a few days later. Excellent communication service and value. I have no need to buy anywhere else....
Keep up the good work!

Austin Thacker
Decent filament for the price, spools could be better

For the price this filament is good. I've used 6 rolls of the traffic white and it's printed as good as some more expensive brands. I found the filament to be wound too tightly near the end of the spool causing some noise when the filament is being pulled. It hasn't seemed to cause any issue with any prints, but something to keep in mind.