About Us



Are you passionate about 3D printing? So we are.

At Waterbird we believe in quality and economy. We believe that everyone should be able to get quality products to fulfil their passion without having to worry about their pocket. With this thing in mind we started searching for quality filaments globally. We strive hard to get premium quality filaments for our customers at much lower price compared to other filaments shops as well as online market places. We put every possible effort to bring quality filaments right at your desk. Our filaments are tested over a wide range of 3D printers to assure the quality. Unlike others, we are fully focused on filaments only and we do not deal in other 3D printing stuff.


Experience a 3D printing experience like never before our 3D Printing Filaments: an exclusive selection of PLA, PLA Pro, Matte PLA, PETG, TPU, ABS, and specialty filaments such as Wood PLA, Marble PLA, Silk PLA, Glow in the dark PLA and PVA in a wide range of colors, all with free and fast shipping and unbeatable prices. Enjoy the superior quality and the sophisticated results that this premium filament brings to your 3D printing projects. Whether you are just looking for White and Black PLA or an exciting new color in PLA Pro or Matte PLA, we have it all!